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8 Marketing Metrics Agents Should Know

Independent insurance agents have a lot to do - from managing current clients and bringing in new ones, to marketing and growing their book of business. It's a lot. And as insurance agents and not marketing experts, it can be challenging figuring out how and where to market as well as measuring the results of those efforts. 

That's where this infographic can come in handy. It's downloadable and easy to reference when you need a little help with understanding how your marketing efforts contributed to your business and what you need to improve. 

The specific metrics that make a difference to a business can differ from agent to agent, but in general, there are several ones that stand out from the pack. This infographic highlights eight of the more powerful data areas across multiple channels. Focusing on these metrics can help you pull in more prospects and add value to your existing customers. 

Get ahead of the competition and learn what you should be measuring. Download this infographic today. 

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