The Submission Management Platform For Increased Efficiency

Wholesale Brokers or MGAs in commercial insurance can improve their efficiency and accuracy by using Talage's Wheelhouse platform to manage their commercial insurance submissions.

The platform eliminates the need to enter data into multiple systems, reducing the risk of errors and saving time. Brokers can easily track submissions and identify issues that need attention, improving their ability to manage their business.

By using Wheelhouse, brokers can increase their productivity, reduce errors, and ultimately increase their revenue. Don't cheat yourself by using multiple systems - switch to Talage's Wheelhouse platform today.

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A Few Features On Wheelhouse

Automated Appetite Checker
Continually checks whether an application is in appetite for the selected carriers. If an application falls out of appetite the user is notified immediately, making it simple and fast to make changes to ensure an application will produce a quote.
Insurer Selection
Add or remove insurers by clicking the box next to the carrier reducing the number of questions required to quote. In addition, each question asked throughout the application process is labeled by the carrier requiring the question. 
Quoting Engine
Our powerful Submission Management Platform provides bindable quotes from multiple, top-rated carriers in less than 10 minutes with a single submission. Check the status, manage all quotes, quote multi-state and locations, cross-sell, and renew.
Custom Knowledge Base
The Knowledge Base is a unique product available on the Wholesale hub. In addition to standard Wheelhouse content, it allows wholesalers and MGAs to create articles and FAQs for their retail agents all within an exclusive network.

Wheelhouse is the simple solution for a complex industry.